A) Organization Skills for Executive Dysfunction
Angela Bollich, Ph.D.
Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Division of Pediatric Neuropsychology
CNMC Outpatient Center, Upper Marlboro, MD
Assist. Prof. Pediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry
George Washington University Medical School
Many children with learning disabilities also struggle with a more invisible challenge known as Executive Dysfunction. Does your child/student struggle to organize his/her personal space, backpack, locker? Does he/she fail to bring home homework materials, or turn in completed work? Then this workshop is for you! Learn about the challenges faced by children with Executive Dysfunction and how to teach your child/student strategies for success.

B) What is Your Temperament Style?
Mark Spitler, MA,
President of Board, Barstow Acres Children Center, Retired Army Officer
Everyone has a specific relating style that compliments and conflicts. Additionally, styles often clash. Our unique temperament is that genetic make-up that forms our behavior, and reflects "the real me," the individual under pressure. Attend this session and learn about your temperament and that of your child to better understand and improve the quality of your relationship.

C) Managing the Angry Child
Sonia Hinds, PMHCNS-BC
Founder and Executive Director
Barstow Acres Children’s Center
Children with ADHD, Autism/Asperger’s and related disorders often experience changes in mood, including anger. Yet anger is the most misunderstood emotion. Learn all about anger and what you can do to bring it under control before it destroys you and your family. Strategies for children and adults will be discussed.

D) Teen Suicide: Prevention & Intervention Strategies
Pamela Marcus, RN, APRN/PMH-BC
Licensed psychotherapist & Assistant Professor of Nursing at Prince George's Community College. This workshop will address identification of common symptoms of depression in adolescents and offer recommended intervention strategies that have proven successful in the prevention of teen suicide.

E) Bullying: Prevention & Intervention
Arti Kumar, M.Ed
Elementary School Teacher in Northern, VA
Bullying once seen as a part of childhood experience is a growing concern that is now taken very seriously by school personnel and parents. Attend this workshop and learn firsthand what behaviors include bullying, the emotional toll it takes on children and what must be done about it.

F) Help! My Child has ADHD!
Sonia Hinds, PMHCNS-BC
Founder and Executive Director
Barstow Acres Children’s Center
Children with ADHD present with many academic, organizational, social and, sometimes, emotional challenges. This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of the myriad challenges faced by your child with ADHD and equip you with appropriate parenting strategies for managing resulting behaviors.

G) ADHD & Autism: The Importance of Developing an Individualized Parenting Plan (IPP)
(CEUs are not provided for this workshop)
Deborah Ursiny, Parent & Special Education Advocate
Ms. Ursiny brings many years of experience as a parent of children with special needs and volunteer special education advocate. If your child has an IEP, then he/she likely also needs an “IPP.” This workshop will guide participants through the process of developing an Individualized Parenting Plan (IPP) and allow an opportunity for participants to learn from the shared experiences of other parents who love their children with ADHD & autism.

H) Love and Logic: A Parenting Approach
Susan Fox, M.Ed.
School guidance counselor and counselor with adults for over 10 years.
Participants will be able to identify their parenting style and learn ways to decrease arguments and back-talk with children. The importance of showing empathy before delivering consequences will be discussed, as well as many other similar concepts.

I) Sensory Integration Disorder
Melodie Lohwater, OT
Owner, Personalized Therapy LLC, in St. Mary’s County
Sensory integration disorder is a common, co-morbid diagnosis with a variety of developmental disorders. This workshop will highlight key symptoms of sensory integration disorder and the occupational therapists approach to treatment. Participants will not only learn about identifying symptoms and accepted treatment modalities, but also about local available services and resources for diagnosis, treatment and support.

J) Through the Looking Glass: Bibliotherapy/Poetry for Healing
Rev. & Dr. Alice V. Thompson, Pastoral Care Director, Calvert Memorial Hosp.; studied Bibliotherapy at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital under Dr. Kenneth Gorelick.
The words and literature used as a means of creating a therapeutic sacred space in which healing, discovery, recovery, growth and development take place will be explored. Participants will be invited to a space in which words are used to heal, rejoice, grieve and play.

K) Nutrition & Behavior: Healthy Alternatives
Tamara J. Shahan
Ms. Shahan received her degree from Australasian College of Health Sciences. She consults with parents of children with ADHD & autism spectrum disorders, has worked closely with cancer patients at Oasis Cancer Retreat and is currently on staff at Calvert Memorial Hospital. Participants will learn the impact that nutrition has on mood, health and behavior, and learn healthy alternatives for healing, growth and development.


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