The scope of services we provide are listed below:  

Mental Health:    

Individual Therapy         Family Therapy         Social Skills Group Therapy       Play Therapy       Therapeutic Art Activities


Individual therapy for children and adolescents ages 2-18 and adults for issues related to anger, divorce, grief and loss, ADHD, bipolar disorder,anxiety, selective mutism, behavior management, depression and other related problems. 


Treatment modality for children includes: play therapy, art therapy, sandtray therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, assertiveness training and supportive psychotherapy. Play therapy approach is Child-Centered play andGestalt approach.


We offer individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults for issues including but not limited to:       

Depression       Grief and Loss        Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ADD       Anxiety Disorder        Bipolar Disorder Behavior Problems  Anger       Separation and Divorce       


Cost: For therapy, we accept most behavioral health insurance and out-of-pocket fees. We offer a sliding scale for those in need. Credit card payments accepted.


Weekly group that meets for one hour for children to work on pro-social skills including but not limited to:


  • getting along with peers        
  • self-regulation       
  • learning how to make and keep friends       
  • dealing with stress        
  • reading social cues        
  • building assertiveness skills


Also, learn how to express feelings appropriately, manage anger, follow directions, obey adults, and build adaptive coping skills.Parents participate in parenting session simultaneously, as your child learns social skills.Contact Sonia Hinds at (410)414-9901 to discuss program cost. First time participants, call to set up an intake interview.Social Skills/Parent Coaching may be available soon for families with middle-school aged children.  If you are interested, please contact us by phone or e-mail. 

Developmental/Enrichment Programs:            

  • Parent Training        * Annual Parent/Professional Empowerment Conference    * Spanish Lessons     
  • Tutoring – Homework assistant & tutoring in reading & math is available five days a week. Appointments only!     


Parenting group, 

eight week sessions for one hour, held same time as social skills or anger management

group.  Mandatory for parents whose children are in these groups. Parents whose children are not in the group may also attend. Created to conduct training and information to parents who are struggling with challenging behaviors of their children.


Children with ADHD often present problems around organization, maintaining focus, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Additionally, some children with ADHD have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors. This workshop will provide an understanding of what it means to have ADHD and what daycare providers can do to better manage difficult behaviors.


Core of Knowledge: Child Development/Professionalism 

The difference between aggressive , passive and assertive communication will be explored and rehearsed. Participants will learn how to listen, use “I” Messages or assertive communication, set appropriate limits with children to gain their cooperation and how to use encouragement versus praise. Attend this workshop and learn all about anger and what you can do to help your child bring it under



Core of Knowledge: Child Development 


Social development of children includes providing limits, molding character and setting expectations for acceptable behaviors. Using the Alderian approach to discipline, this workshop will focus on the Mistaken Goals of Misbehavior and Four Crucial C’s to help children succeed. Participants will learn strategies that do not include shaming, blaming, complaining, criticizing, screaming or spanking.Children with ADHD, divorce, separation, as well as children with developmental disorders often experience changes in mood including anger. However, anger is often misunderstood. Attend this workshop and learn wall about anger and what you can do to help your child bring it under control. Strategies for adults and children will be discussed.Attend this workshop and learn all about anger and what you can do to help your child bring it under control.


Our goal is for children to learn Spanish by introducing them to basic grammar and syntax of the language, then expanding it by providing key terms and vocabulary that can be used to communicate basic concepts. We accomplish

this by using language immersion. Native speakers will teach Spanish to children ages 3-12.


Teaching Method:·        

  • Music        
  • Songs       
  • Dance        
  • Story-telling·        
  • Various games and activities that will be used to teach the children that they can have fun while learning